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We are Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, bringing our 20 years of experience to clients form all over the Hyattsville area. We excel at providing aggressive DUI defenses, thereby comforting our clients in our ability to give them the results they want. With our experience, we know how to deal with courts and prosecutors in Hyattsville.

When you or someone you care about has been arrested in Hyattsville, it is critical to get knowledgeable legal help at the soonest opportunity. At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington in Hyattsville, we use our in-depth knowledge and 20 years of experience to get you the best possible results in your DUI case. 

Our DUI firm has 20 years of experience justifying reasons for bail; the arguments may include that the defendant does not pose a flight risk or that the suspect has no criminal history. You can count on our DUI representation within the Hyattsville area to be at your arraignment, where there will be a formal reading of the charges lodged against you, and where you state your plea of guilty or not guilty. During your preliminary hearing, our DUI advocate will attempt to show that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to support the charges against you with an aggressive cross-examination of the witnesses called up by the prosecution.

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Our legal aides at Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington are ready to help you take on your DUI case. Trust a professional lawyer from our company to help you through your DUI case, and inform you of all the local laws in the Hyattsville area that may affect your chance at a successful trial. Give us a call today at (202) 486-1186. 

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