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Here at Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, our Washington DC firm has extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courtrooms throughout the Washington DC area. We provide legal guidance backed by our 20 years of experience, making us equipped to handle even the toughest drunk driving cases that you can bring to us. 

To face a drunk driving case on your own could spell out disaster if you are not familiar with the laws or how to navigate the tangled web. At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, we count success as being able to stand side by side with our clients, giving them aid and information whenever they need. Your success depends on your familiarity with the laws and we make sure our Washington DC area clients are well equipped. 

If you are facing charges for a crime in the Washington DC area, you do not have to feel alone in your current situation. Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington is here to help you out of this crossroad in your life. We can help come up with a defense for your drunk driving case that will work to your advantage. Do not risk facing jail time in the Washington DC area. The choice is clear; you need the help of an experienced attorney from Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington. We are here to help. 

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Do not try to drive through the winding road that is a drunk driving case all on your own. Let our lawyers in the Washington DC area help you maneuver your way with their 20 years of experience. We have successfully gotten reduced sentences for our customers facing drunk driving charges, and we want you to be our next success story. Give us a call today at (202) 486-1186 to speak to our representative.

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