Washington, DC DUI Lawyer In Court: Police Body Cameras And The Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s)

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#‎InCourt‬: DUI trial call except the government has – after two (2) requests and three months elapsed time – not provided me with the ‘body cam’ footage: captured at the arrest scene. It supposedly shows video footage of the interaction and subsequent performance of my client on the field sobriety tests: the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk-and-Turn and  … Read more

DC DUI Lawyer In Court: DUI Charges Dismissed At Trial

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#InCourt Today: #Hedge! This was a second trial date. At the first, I requested and was granted a continuance – government provided ‘radio run’ communication (discoverable material) on the morning of trial. Judge agrees that this was not sufficient time for counsel to investigate and properly prepare for defense and trial matters. Four (4) officers  … Read more

Top 5 Tips How to Perform the DC DUI Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s): DON’T!

1. Don’t! You are under immense pressure and the average citizen under those circumstances will ‘fail’ to perform to optimum ability. Nervousness will wreak havoc with your coordination. Moreover, all too often, the officer is going to invariably find some “clue of impairment” to satisfy his suspicions resulting in a DUI arrest. It is a  … Read more

DC DUI Attorney #InCourt: DUI and Negligent (Reckless) Driving Charges Dismissed At Trial

After TWO (2) years – client was arrested on February 15, 2015. After three (3) trial dates in District Court – Hyattsville (Maryland). On the third (3rd) jury trial date in Circuit Court – Upper Marlboro, (Maryland): all ‪#‎DUI‬, Negligent Driving & other charges are ‪#‎dismissed‬! ‪ Ambesa thanks for engaging us – referring your  … Read more

I Was Arrested for Prostitution in DC, but I Think I Was Entrapped. What Can I Do?

According to DC law, (Inviting for the Purposes of) Prostitution is to unlawfully invite, entice, persuade, or address for the purpose of inviting, enticing or persuading—individual X; likely an undercover officer—for the purposes of prostitution and immoral or lewd purposes. Loosely translated, and what a government prosecution will try to prove at a trial, one  … Read more

I Was Arrested for DUI in DC. What am I Supposed to do with the “Official Notice of Proposed Suspension”?

The arresting officer would have generally given you a *pink slip of paper called: Official Notice of Proposed Suspension. You are to report to DC Department of Motor Vehicles and request a DUI Show Cause hearing (in essence DC’s DMV is asking you to show cause why your driving privileges should not be suspended as  … Read more

DC Lawyer Question of the Day: What Should I Do If The Police Wants to Talk to Me about a Hit and Run (Leaving after Colliding in DC) Allegation?

A: Call your lawyer for guidance! Do not make a statement, or go in for an interview, to the police before consulting with an attorney. In Washington, DC, if you are involved in an accident, fender-bender or a collision of ANY sort – even if you are NOT at fault – DC law requires that  … Read more