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Washington DC DUI Lawyer #InCourt Today: Deferred Sentencing Agreement (DSA) Result for Second DUI Charges

I’m a #DCLawyer, not a magician.? I often get some magical results, though. Second DUI arrest – at 8:57 AM, officer? – “failed SFST’s”, the officer reported; client REFUSED* breath tests at the station…. Fast forward to jury trial today and the government WITHDRAWS repeat offender paperwork – no mandatory jail time if convicted –  … Read more

Question of the Day: How Should I Conduct Myself In a Washington, DC DUI Stop?

In a DUI stop with the police #doLESS, #sayLESS. #LESSisMORE! Provide the officer with your basic information – name, address and credentials such as driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance – and do not answer* any questions regarding drinking and/or perform field sobriety tests. Politely decline. It’s what police officers tell their family and friends  … Read more