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Facing criminal defense charges in Mitchellville? Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington has provided criminal defense defenses to clients form all over Mitchellville, and we have helped them get ahead and not be burdened down by their mistakes. We know how to successfully litigate in a court that serves Mitchellville, all you have to do is work with us. 

Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington has a success rate when it comes to judges granting our criminal defense motions; we craft every motion to the specifics of each individual case. Moreover, within  Mitchellville and the surrounding areas, Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington believes the road to a successful resolution starts when a judge begins hearing arguments at the pretrial stage. Defendants who want to feel confident that their criminal defense representation is working, should turn to Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington. The investigative phase of our criminal defense representation begins the moment you hire us.

Our criminal defense firm takes much gratification in its 20 years with its involvement with diversion and treatment programs, depending on your circumstances it can keep you from having a criminal record. At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, we relish that our criminal defense firm has familiarity with alternatives to convictions and jail time, such as supervision and drug court. After a complete evaluation of your case and background, our criminal defense firm can discuss your eligibility for these types of programs. At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, no option is ever off the table because Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington will view your case from every angle.

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Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington wants to provide you with legal help that can make quick work of your criminal defense situation. We will devote ourselves to your cause and make sure you receive nothing short of professional legal help in the Mitchellville area. Give us a call today at (202) 486-1186 and see what legal counsel we have to offer you. 

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