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At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, we have a deep commitment to our Mitchellville clients and the difficulties they face when squaring of in court against the government. Because a criminal case is potentially life changing, we make sure that we apply every skill that we have learned for 20 years of serving the area.

At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington we believe there is no time to waste. The most critical window for defense work in Mitchellville may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, we can often locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get an advantage towards defeating the criminal charges. 

At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, our firm has the experience, resources, ability and tenacity to deal with the press and to attack the Mitchellville case of the prosecution. No matter how low profile or high profile your criminal case is, we can help you because we make sure to stick with the best practices. 

Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington is committed to seeing justice brought to the Mitchellville area courts in all criminal cases and we never stop pursuing that goal. In every criminal case that we accept, we strive to maintain constant honest communication with our clients. Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington is never more than a phone call away from answering any questions that you have regarding your criminal legal proceedings. After 20 years of practicing criminal law, we have learned many lessons about advocating for clients in Mitchellville criminal cases. We are happy to provide a confidential consultation of your criminal case. Please do not hesitate to contact Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington to begin addressing your case today. 

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