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At Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington we know how to pick apart a case, find flaws and cracks in investigations conducted by police and prosecutors in Hyattsville and then use those to your advantage at trial or in negotiating a plea deal. We have used these tactics for several different defense cases over the course of 20 years, virtually always coming out with successful results that our clients are happy with. 

Here at Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, our careful understanding of Hyattsville case law means that we know when to push the opposing counsel and when to cooperate with the opposing counsel to get you the best possible plea bargain and resolve your defense case. If you decide to take your case to a trial, Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington can provide you with some of the best trial experience in the Hyattsville area. 

When you are in trouble with the law in Hyattsville, you need a quality defense attorney who can  tip the scales of justice in your favor. If you or someone you know was arrested within the Hyattsville area, you are probably feeling upset and worried about your current defense situation. The Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington understands how your feeling and we know the best way to help bring about a positive resolution to your case. Whether you are charged with assault, drugs, rape or DUI, the defense representation at Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington will be there for you and your family.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Law Office of K. Lawson Wellington, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below. We are happy to meet with you to review your case and help you come up with an effective strategy to deal with your case with minimal disruption to your private life. We have worked for 20 years with clients across the Hyattsville area and can help you resolve your defense case with amicable results.

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