DC DUI Attorney In Court Today: Client Found Not Guilty of DC DUI

#‎NotGuilty‬ of DUI. Judge C—- credits testimony of two (2) witnesses and client that the reason he was “stopped in traffic asleep” was due to a medical condition and not because he was impaired by alcohol as alleged by the police and prosecution.

Officer2 testified that he detected a “weak odor of alcohol” coming from client’s person. This is contradicted by Officer1 who testified that he detected a “strong odor”, though his report made closer in time to the arrest date, says “moderate odor”. Officer2, however, claims client “stumbled a little bit” when waking to the sidewalk.

After all the evidence, Judge rules that prosecution has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that client is guilty of DUI. #NotGuilty verdict in #DC.#‎NotGuiltytakeyourdamnhandsoffme‬ ‪#‎DCLawyer‬ — at DC Superior Court.

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