DC DUI Attorney #InCourt: DUI and Negligent (Reckless) Driving Charges Dismissed At Trial

  • K. Lawson Wellington,
  •   DUI
  •   None
  • After TWO (2) years – client was arrested on February 15, 2015.
  • After three (3) trial dates in District Court – Hyattsville (Maryland).
  • On the third (3rd) jury trial date in Circuit Court – Upper Marlboro, (Maryland): all ‪#‎DUI‬, Negligent Driving & other charges are ‪#‎dismissed‬!

Ambesa thanks for engaging us – referring your friends, family & general circle to our office – and having the confidence that we could somehow get it ‘right’. We’ll ‪#‎defend‬! www.wellingtonlawdc.com #‎DCLawyer‬/s ‪#‎InCourt‬ @Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Maryland.
At trial call:
Prosecutor: “Judge may I make a call?”
Judge: “You may.”
Prosecutor: Is Officer ___________ in the courtroom? Corporal ___________ are you here? Judge, we nolle prosequi [dismiss] this matter.”
#DCLawyer: “Judge, we note our speedy trial request for the record.”
Judge: “Duly noted. Case is #dismissed.”
ALWAYS go with your gut! ‪#‎imdonehere‬

Should I submit to or Refuse the Breath, Urine or Blood Test(s)? See more at our FAQs page.

Just say: “No!” “Officer, on the advise of counsel. I have been instructed not to perform these standard field sobriety tests.” If arrested, at the station, ask to consult with your attorney before submitting to ANY chemical tests: breath, urine and/or blood.

+ Client was never given nor was he advised of his rights with a DR-15. Neither was a Alcohol Influence Report produced as part of a discovery or police report package. No MVA hearing was ever scheduled in connection with this matter and client never heard from MVA in reference to them trying to suspend his driving privileges
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It is important to contact a Washington, DC DUI defense attorney if you are facing drunk-driving charges in the District of Columbia. A DUI matter can have potential devastating consequences and a skilled DUI defense lawyer can make all the difference. If you, or someone you know, need legal assistance with this or a similar matter, call and ask to speak to one of our experienced DC DUI trial lawyers today: 202.486.1186.

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