#InCourt Today: Client Found Not Guilty of DUI Charges at Trial

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When the United States Secret Service pulls you over for a traffic infraction – “traveling at a high rate of speed” – and issues you a ticket for said infraction, is sendig you on your way, but then decides, “No; wait a second here, this is a DUI.”

#DCLawyer, “Nah; it’s not. #YoureDoingTooMuch!” You just spent FIVE (5) minutes berating Client’s having almost strike your vehicle and then back at your cruiser to issue him the ticket, right? In that passage of time you noticed ZERO clues of impairment, correct? Oh, well let’s not forget the: “upon speaking with the Defendant, I could immediately detect a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath” as memorialized by the official police report. But the ticket, though? Who has a DUI in hand and does not command/request/ask the driver to “step out of the vehicle” (if for no other reason than to ‘investigate’)? And goes back to the squad car to WRITE a traffic ticket? All this while the individual you “suspect was impaired” is STILL behind the wheels in his impaired condition. (Isn’t he a danger to himself and possibly others, Officer Y__?)

#DCLawyer: Slurred speech? “No.”

#DCLawyer: Exhibited any physical balance problems? “No.”

#DCLawyer: Had ANY difficulty exiting his car? “No.”

#DCLawyer: Used the steering wheel, vehicle door or the vehicle for support? “No; he did not.”

#DCLawyer: Strong odor of alcohol, huh? “Yes.” But ONE drink – and depending on what time you consumed that – can produce that odor, correct? “Yes; I suppose so.”
These are damaging admissions against the prosecution’s case in the middle of trial. As a matter of fact, go ahead judge take over my cross-examination while you’re at it. Make the case for the #defense, please. Judge: But… but out of four or five ‘common clues’ you haven’t mentioned ANY of those yet (or am I missing something?)

#DCLawyer: You’re not missing anything judge. (There’s nothing to miss – truth be told – really).

And during closing, questions and further questions for the prosecutor… (#DCLawyer: You’ll let me know when you’re through and ready to rule, Judge).
#Judge: I find him not guilty! Sir, you’re free to go.

#DCLawyer: #ImDoneHere!

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