Not every case is a winner; NO case is a loser!

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Which reminds me: “Not every case is a winner; NO case is a loser!” This is our mantra at this office and we apply it to all our clients. Here a young client – attending college – is arrested and charged for DC DUI and other related charges. It was summer time and he had gone out with a couple of friends and having a good time.

The police report reads: “BWC (Body Worn Camera) activated… Officer X received a radio run for an accident in front of 123 Benning Road, NE… Upon investigation “Officer X observed (a) black Lincoln LS bearing Virginia hard tags had crashed through a fence guarding a private home on the side of Benning Road.” While interviewing my client “Officer X … noticed an odor consistent with an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and him stumbling.” Client submitted to standard field sobriety tests (SFSTs). I have REPEATEDLY said on these pages: Less is MORE; DO less, SAY less!

One year later and #InCourt Today: Happy client; happy lawyer. #DUI charge dismissed after one (1) year DSA* (negotiated on the day of trial last year).

*Deferred Sentencing Agreement. We had some not too great facts here – a serious crash and vomiting – and was appreciative that the prosecutor could see fit to agree to the offer ultimately extended. #TakeAway: Do not drink and drive! Get a Lyft, Uber, a taxi, designate a driver or call a friend.

Here’s my card: We #defend! If you, or someone you know, needs help, give us a call. We’ll #help!
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