Washington, DC DUI Attorney #InCourt: DC DUI Charges (Refusal) Dismissed At Trial

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‪#‎DUI‬ (*Refusal) charges dismissed… Client is pulled over on K Street, NW for making an ‘illegal’ left turn. A DUI investigation ensues and he is arrested on suspicion of DUI and OWI. At the station he refuses to submit to chemical breath testing and is charged with a DUI Refusal.
At trial time the government offers a Deferred Sentencing Agreement (DSA)++ – admit guilt, complete alcohol and traffic safety classes and return to have case dismissed after one (1) year. This leads me to believe that the prosecutor is not ready for trial. Client is advised and decides to reject a (very) reasonable offer.
At trial call.
Prosecutor: “Judge, we’re not ready for trial.”
#DCLawyer: “For that reason, Judge, we move to dismiss.”
Judge: “Case is #dismissed.”+++
Go with your gut! ‪#‎ImDoneHere‬!
*Should I submit to or Refuse the Breath, Urine or Blood Alcohol Test? Learn more at wellingtonlawdc.com FAQs page.
++In general, the government’s practice is they dodo not ‘negotiate’ on the day of trial and has a ‘policy’ of “No DSAs for DUI refusals”.
+++Client also had his DUI Show Cause matter ‘dismissed’ at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The Hearing Examiner took “no action” against his DC driving privileges.
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