Washington DC DUI Lawyer #InCourt Today: Deferred Sentencing Agreement (DSA) Result for Second DUI Charges

I’m a #DCLawyer, not a magician.? I often get some magical results, though. Second DUI arrest – at 8:57 AM, officer? – “failed SFST’s”, the officer reported; client REFUSED* breath tests at the station…. Fast forward to jury trial today and the government WITHDRAWS repeat offender paperwork – no mandatory jail time if convicted – AND is offering a DSA** plea: no conviction. Hhhhhmmm. What to do?
#DCLawyer: What do you think, Mr. ______?
Mr. _____: I’ll take it!
Happy client; happy lawyer. We #defend! wellingtonlawdc.com #DCLawyer

*Could result in a one (1) year suspension at Dept. of Motor Vehicles but denies the prosecutor potential evidence in court.

**Complete traffic alcohol classes, attend MADD class and complete a traffic safety course, return to court after one (1) year and the case will be #dismissed!Here’s my card: www.wellingtonlawdc.com If you, or someone you know, need help, give us a call. We will #help!
It is important to contact a Washington, DC DUI defense attorney if you are facing drunk-driving charges in the District of Columbia. A DUI matter can have potential devastating consequences and an experienced DUI defense lawyer can make all the difference. If you, or someone you know, need legal assistance with this or a similar matter, call and ask to speak to one of our experienced DC DUI trial lawyers today: 202.486.1186. #DCDUILawyer #DCDUIAttorney #DCTrafficAttorney #DCTrafficLawyer #WashingtonDCDUILawyer
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