Washington, DC DUI (Refusal) Charges Dismissed at Trial

‘Which is my reasonable service.’ DUI jury* trial #dismissed on this the FOURTH trial date. #ImDoneHere!

Client was stopped for ‘no lights running’ and the officer reported that it took some time before she pulled over. Client said she pulled over as soon as she realized that she was targeted by the police. Officer smelled a ‘strong odor’ of alcohol coming from her person and the vehicle. She denies drinking and was asked to step out of the vehicle to submit to perform ++standard field sobriety tests which she ultimately refused. She is arrested and at the police station she also refuses breath testing. The prosecutor was going forward with their case-in-chief based on the reported “observations” – ‘slurred’ speech; bloodshot and watery eyes; client’s ‘poor balance’ and ‘unsteady gait’ – of the arresting officer and others who had reported to the scene of the stop.

*This was client’s second DUI charge in a fifteen (15) year period which exposed her to one (1) year in jail with mandatory ten (10) days which cannot be suspended, but rather must be served straight and with no weekend alternative. DC DUI laws changed in 2012 requiring more stringent penalties and rigid sentences. In DC any individual charged with an offense for which the maximum penalty is more than six (6) months, is entitled to have their matter heard by a jury of twelve (12) persons.

++Should I submit to or Refuse the Breath, Urine or Blood Test(s)? See more at www.wellingtonlawdc.com FAQs page.
Just say: “No!” “Officer, on the advice of counsel, I have been instructed not to perform ANY standard field sobriety tests.” If arrested, at the station, ask to consult with your attorney before submitting to ANY chemical tests: breath, urine and/or blood.

It is important to contact a Washington, DC DUI defense attorney if you are facing drunk-driving charges in the District of Columbia. A DUI matter can have potential devastating consequences and a skilled DUI defense lawyer can make all the difference. If you, or someone you know, need legal assistance with this or a similar matter, call and ask to speak to one of our experienced DC DUI trial lawyers today: 202.486.1186. wellingtonlawdc.com #DCLawyer #InCourt #DCDUILawyer #DCDUIAttorney #WashingtonDCDUILawyer

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